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A Village Walk and Speaking in Tongues

Sunday Morning with Priya

So what did you do on Sunday Morning? After breakfast while Steve was at the IT lab working on a paper, I took a walk with my good friend Priya in the neighborhood. We walked along the roads outside the school where many people were about, involved in their regular Sunday morning activities.

Some of the house are thatched, while others are quite new:
Priya is my best friend here and I love our long talks. She has a wonderful sense of humor. Steve and I have walked along this way before, but she was able to tell me about many of the native fruits and trees:
A man knocking down some Tamarind pods for us to see:

Asian appples
Some of the beautiful flowers:
We met many animals along the way:
and of course tropical ants of all varietes:

We walked along the paths and small streams in our favorite area that used to be cultivated as rice paddies.

A woman was chopping up the trunk of a banana plant to get to the tender inner core. She gave some to us and Priya will show me how to cook it tonight. The young woman told Priya that she wanted to know if I would like to meet her son. She had seen Steve and I before but wasn't able to speak with us. I followed her into her house and met her son. He is thirteen years old and is mentally retarded. She said that she doesn't get much help from the government. As I spent a few minutes with them I tried to imagine what her daily life was like, and her son's experience growing up in this small house. She asked if she could have something from me but I had't brought anything with me. Next time I will go back with some money as I am sure it will go directly to what she needs most.
We had heard some drums and voices as we walked along and Priya said it sounded like a Pentecostal church. We followed the sounds as we walked back and found the church.
We looked thru the bars of the window and were then invited in and offered chairs on the woman's side of the room. Quite an experience:

Personal Witness

Of course it is all sounds like gibbering to me, but Priya told me at some points he was speaking in tongues!

After a while we were asked to say a few words. Priya told them in Malayalam who we were and I offered my thanks and prayers which Priya translated. We were treated to three special Hallelujahs just for us and I could feel the spirit!

As we were sitting in the service a baby just in front of us stated to fuss and a young woman began to nurse him. At the end she laid him down and I remembered this expression on my own girls when they were babies. Just goes to show that the bliss of a contented "milk face" is truly universal:


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It is Sunday afternoon the same day you had the Sunday morning walk and what a great way to get ready for our special advent service occurring tonight at 5:00 PM. You had a wonderful walk and I have had a nice little addition to my Indian education. Thanks Jenn! Bob

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